Stoneridge Cycle Ltd. was founded in 1999
by Randy Johnson and based in Milton, Ontario.

The company was formed around the Front Mount Child Carrier (a Canadian invention) which Stoneridge was given distribution rights for North America. Arnold Kamler, formerly President of Kent International, saw the Child Carrier at the Bike Show in Las Vegas and ended up buying the company and putting his own spin on it, improving the design, packaging and simplifying the assembly and registering the name under ‘Wee Ride’ Child Carrier. Through that association, Arnold Kamler mentored Johnson on how to import Bikes and Accessories. He introduced Stoneridge to his factories in China and so the distribution began. 

Kent offered Stoneridge exclusive distribution
for the Canadian market.

Stoneridge Cycle Ltd. expanded through Canadian national retailers and added evergreen licenses to the products. Kent International’s experienced design team did the product graphics for Stoneridge and Stoneridge sold and marketed Kent’s licenses to the Canadian market. Kent International, Inc. acquired the majority shares of Stoneridge Cycle Ltd.

“Kent International has a long tradition of partnering with Stoneridge Cycle on many brands,”


“We have seen their business thrive and are intrigued by the possibilities for achieving greater scale and cost efficiency by working more closely with one another.”

Kent chairman and CEO Arnold Kamler said.

The acquisition was less about growth and more about gaining industry market share. He said he has been good friends with Stoneridge president Randy Johnson and Stoneridge needed additional financial resources to continue to grow. Both companies are going to continue to operate independently. Stoneridge Cycle Ltd. distributes Bikes, Helmets and protective gear, Snow Helmets, Folding Scooters, Stunt Scooters, Skateboards, Ice Skates, bike accessories.

“We are extremely pleased in joining
the Kent team and sharing in their success.”

Said Stoneridge president Randy Johnson.

 “We have a great team in Canada
and mutual ties with Kent’s team in New Jersey”